CELTIC History: The Ancient Celtic Warriors of Europe

Purpose: A brief history of the Ancient Celts, Warriors, weapons and their early society, including their battles. Later chapters will give details on Celtic warriors, battles and migration to all areas. Also, we will learn of Celts in Greece, Egypt, Rome, Gaul, Britain, the Picts, Scots, Irish and Romano-Britons (Welsh related) and some of their decisive moments in history and battle. This should get even more interesting as we get deeper into the chapters. Please feel free to explore ahead using the links below.

[Pictish Warrior]
  1. Part 2: La Tene Celts - Celtic warriors advance into a new era & new conflicts

  2. Part 3: Celtic La Tene Hillforts & Celts v Etruscans

  3. Part 4: Celts vs the Greeks under Brennos - the sack of Delphi

  4. Part 5: Celts in Egypt? - a look at Celtic mercenaries

  5. Part 6: Celts from Gaul face off against Julius Caesar

  6. Part 7: Britain Invaded - a British chieftain defies Rome

  7. Part 8: Celt Headhunters - and the Celts as mercenaries

  8. Part 9: Revolt of Boudica - and the Celtiberians fight the Romans

  9. Part 10: A Celtic Arthur? - the British Celts fight the pagan Saxon invaders

  10. Part 11: Britons vs Saxons - the Britons try to resist Germanic invaders

  11. Part 12: Picts & Scots at War - the Picts and Scots battle for Scotland.

  12. Part 13: Irish & Vikings at War - The Vikings invade Ireland.

  13. Part 14: Brian Boru & Vikings at Clontarf - The Irish King fights the Vikings.

  14. Part 15: Scottish Lords of the Isles - Lords of the Isles take control of Scottish coast

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