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Robert Gunn is an historian of medieval European history who specializes in Scotland, and the Celts of the British Isles and Europe. He was educated and trained by several universities both in the USA and in Scotland, where he has received his degrees. He was born in the US of Scottish parentage, and is now working on his first historical novel, which will be about Scotland in its early years. He has two published books, now out of print, "The Bruce, Bannockburn and Beyond" (3 chapters can be found on this website), and "The Tragic Highland Clearances" which can also be read in its entirety on his website. *You can usually find him as a moderator on his history discussion forums located at the link at the bottom of the page.

by Katrina Menzies
* by RMG

You can read more and contact Mr. Gunn directly through his Facebook page, or by joining his history forum here (Note: He does not do student homework!):
See: Skyelander's Scottish & Celtic history discussion.

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