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Welcome to historian, Robert Gunn's [aka 'Skyelander'], 'Scottish, Celtic & Medieval History Online'.

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Story of Scotland's History

Celtic Warriors of History

Scottish Origins, up to Wallace

William Wallace, Stirling, Falkirk

Robert Bruce & Bannockburn

2nd Scottish Wars of Independence

History of Clan Gunn & Septs

Highland Clearances: A Tragedy

Witchcraft in Scotland

Scottish Prehistory

Vikings! Fury from the North - a history

Scottish Battles - History & timeline

Kenneth MacAlpin: Alba's 1st king

Massacre at Glencoe: A perspective

Graverobbers, Burke & Hare

A Complete Scottish history Timeline

Cannibal clan: Sawney Bean

Stone of Destiny/Scone

Mary Queen of Scots

Vlad the Impaler - The real Dracula

Scottish History Online

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Irish, Welsh & Celtic History[Irish, Welsh, Ancient Britons and Bretons History]. . . . . . . . . . . . Warfare, battles, weapons & armor[Medieval history: battles, warfare, tactics, and Dark Age cultures]

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