Irish, Welsh, Briton and Ancient Celtic History summary index

Brief Summaries of the Celtic (Irish, Welsh and ancient Britons) History Articles:

  • New:"Ancient Celtic Warriors and history"    [READ]
    This Fifteen part series concentrates on pivotal events in Celtic history with the focus on Celtic warriors. Starting with the Hallstatt and La Tene Cultures, it goes all the way up to the Romans vs Celts, Gallic wars, Britain invaded by Romans and Saxons, Picts, Scots, Romano-Britons, and Irish warriors. Each section is fully illustrated.

  • New:"Boadicea: Celtic Queen of the Iceni"    [READ]
    Now, read a full account of the Revolt of the Iceni Queen Boadicea/Boudicca, as she brings the wrath of the British Celts and her damaged honor against the Romans in Britain - and literally burns down half of Roman Britain in her rampage. First time online!

  • Vercingetorix: Gallic Warrior against Rome    [READ]
    Celtic warrior chief, Vercingetorix of Gaul, decides to resist the Romans forcing a showdown between Rome's Julius Caesar and the Gallic Celts. Read how Caesar responded to this Celtic warrior in an in-depth article with illustration.

  • Welsh history (more soon)    [READ]
    Included are articles on the Welsh (Cymru), Hywel Dda, the Gododdin, and more to come.

  • Ireland's Avatar: St. Patrick    [READ]
    A historical look at Ireland's patron saint and his extreme life.

  • Bretons and British Celts    [READ]
    This article in unfinished but has much relevant information about the Celts, saxons and Britons of the Dark Age - the time of legendary Arthur. Was he real? Read all about the people of Arthur's Britain.

    Coming soon to this site:

  • Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe in Britain, revolts against Rome. [READ now]
  • Welsh Warriors, Owen Glendowr and Llywellen the Last
  • Irish King Brian Boru & the Battle of Clontarf against the Vikings
  • More Celtic history: Irish warfare, Welsh battles, and more.

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