Brief Summaries of the Scottish History Articles:

  • Online Book: "The Story of Scotland's History"    [READ]
    A 25 chapter online book (began May, 2003) by historian Robert Gunn. The 'Story of Scotland' will take you from the earliest times, Mesolithic Scotland, to the 19th century. In-depth stories never before placed online with original material, art, intensive research, with a new chapter added monthly. This is an ambitious project indeed, with an 18 month schedule, but it is a labour of love. If you love Scottish history and want to read the entire story of a nation without buying a fifty dollar book, this is the story to read.

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  • New: "Ancient Celtic Warriors and history"    [READ]
    This sixteen part series concentrates on pivotal events in Celtic history with the focus on Celtic warriors. Starting with the Hallstatt and La Tene Cultures, it goes all the way up to the Romans vs Celts, Gallic wars, Britain invaded by Romans and Saxons, Picts, Scots, Romano-Britons, and Irish warriors. Each section is fully illustrated.

  • Scottish Origins    [READ]
    Scottish Origins (the predecessor to "The Story of Scotland"), is a brief account of early Scottish history from the pre-history of Scotland: it's kings, Scots, Angles, Picts, Celts and Vikings, up until the time of the emergence of William Wallace in the late 13th century. It will eventually be phased out by the new 'Story of Scotland', but is still a readable and valid history. See for yourself!

  • William Wallace & The Battle of Stirling Bridge    [READ]
    A two-part look at the man, and his most famous victory over the English forces at Stirling Bridge. Read the actual events that led to the battle in part one, and the battle itself in part two.

  • Battle of Falkirk & the Execution of Wallace    [READ]
    A two-part in-depth look at the the situation leading to the confrontation of Edward I of England and his most formidable adversary, William Wallace, which concludes in the Battle of Falkirk (1298), details Wallace's execution and his legacy to Scotland.

  • Robert Bruce & the Battle of Bannockburn    [READ]
    Excerpted from the book "The Bruce, Bannockburn and Beyond" (sold out), this 3 chapter extract looks at Bruce before the battle, the battle itself, with more detail than you'll find anywhere online, and the aftermath of Bannockburn. Also learn about the Bruce's in Ireland. This is an exciting battle & king! Battle buffs of all medieval history will like this story. A critic called it: "...terrific, sweaty history!"

  • The Tragic Highland Clearances    [READ]
    An unflinching, accurate, Highland view of the causes, effects and the final results of the tragic and dramatic Highland Clearances. If you are unfamiliar with this story, it may shock you, but it is vital aspect of Scottish and world history, and needs to be told. This history focuses on the human aspect of the Highland dispora. This online book (booksold out) won high honours with 2nd place in the international "Historical Writers Association".

  • History & Battles of the Second Scottish Wars for Independence    [READ]
    Many thought that after the terrific defeat of the English chivalry at Bannockburn, the threat from England was at an end. Not Robert Bruce...he knew of the danger and tried to warn his successors. But after his death, Edward Balliol (son of John Balliol) assisted by English king Edward III, began a series of battles and attacks upon the unprepared Scots: Dupplin Moor, Halidon Hill, Neville's Cross and even Homildon, were all part of the new war that came to be known as the 'Second Scottish Wars for Independence'. Read about these events and the Scottish efforts to remain free.

  • Kenneth the Hardy: First King of Picts & Scots    [READ]
    Most of us know the name: Kenneth MacAlpin, who created a kingdom of Picts and Scots known as Alba -- the forerunner to Scotland. Now learn the significance of MacAlpin's union and creation of a larger Scotland. In this two-part history, you'll learn about mac Alpin, Alba, Dunadd, Scone and more.

  • Highland Massacre: Glencoe - a perspective    [READ]
    What caused garrisoned, Highland soldiers, led by Robert Campbell, to attack and murder over 40 MacDonalds of Glencoe? The facts behind this most infamous tragedy are revealed, much to the dismay of Glencoe revsionists. You'll find all the details here including who was behind the massacre and the parties responsible. This is a perspective history based upon factual research and considerable effort to get the truth out, against the modern backdrop of denial and excuse-making. It's a part of Highland history, but the facts are now being rewritten to please certain factions. Get the uncensored story here, and feel free to distribute it at games & societies. (Please include author name & link).

  • An Early History of the Clan Gunn: the Viking clan    [READ]
    Much has been written about the small clan of Gunn. Most of it is based on old material, some of which has proven to be outdated and possibly factually in error. Now read about the early history of the 'Viking Clan', Gunn. Filled with battles and blood feuds, this 3 part history also takes a realistic look at the septs of Clan Gunn; the sept revsions of late; who is included and who should not be. This very history is also featured on the Official Site of Caithness, in Scotland. Thought provoking and perhaps controversial, it is a practical look at one of my clans' early history and todays Clan Gunn Society and their unrealistic allowances for membership.

  • WitchCraft in Medieval Scotland: a history    [Read]
    In the 14th-17th century, witches were taken to be real in Europe, and Scotland was no exception. Read how the mythology of devil worshipping witches and black sabbaths came to threaten even the Monarch of Britain, James I & VI of Scoland. Featuring real-life accounts of alleged witchcraft, these poor people (usually women) became the targets of a superstitious and religious intolerance, suffering death and torture. This would later be repeated horribly in America at Salem. Mature readers only for content.

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  • Boudicca, Vikings, The Real MacBeth & much more coming...

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