Early history of Clan Gunn & Septs contents

[Gunn Arms]
  1. Early Gunn history, Pt.1

  2. Gunn history, Pt.2

  3. A realistic look at Septs and Names of Gunn

İSkye-Net, R. Gunn, 1995/2003

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WARNING!! Don't use:

These sites should be avoided, unless you like throwing your money away.
It purports to tell you if you are from Clan Gunn via a DNA test, but when questioned, Cheryl Maxwell, the advertiser/admin of the test, refuses to admit that it can only tell you if you have a common ancestor with other test subjects. It cannot tell your clan! These are two sites to be avoided. Save your money, read the history below, and then join us in conversation about this and other Scottish/Celtic topics at http://skyelander.proboards.com

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