Introduction to Scottish Origins...up to William Wallace

Introduction to Scottish Origins

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Scottish history is long, often complex and utterly fascinating. This 5 chapter look at early Scottish history, up until the emergence of William Wallace, is a brief attempt to give the general reader some useful information and insight into that turbulent period. This historical essay was written many years ago as an attempt to give some flesh to the bones of Scottish history, before the emergence of William Wallace. It is somewhat brief, and not as fully detailed as the new series "The Story of Scotland" , which shall eventually replace Origins, should be. The reader needs to be advised that the new series (which debuts on this web site only) is more thoroughly researched, detailed and complete than this older series of documents. The "Story of Scotland" will be added, one chapter at a time, over the next year to 18 months and will eventually phase-out this series of documents on early Scottish history. I leave it on this web site for now because it temporarily fills a vacancy that the "Story of Scotland" shall fill soon; and because it was so well received by visitors to the old site. I thank you for your patience as I continue to update this growing web site. In the meantime, please enjoy 'Scottish Origins...up to William Wallace'.

More on this in the next five chapters and the rest of Scottish history, and much more in the ONLINE Book (3 chapters so far)- "The Story of Scotland".

  • Ch.1, Scottish Origins
  • Ch.2, Scottish Origins
  • Ch.3, Scottish Origins
  • Ch.4, Scottish Origins
  • Ch.5, Scottish Origins

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